I am a recent convert to the spirituality and practice of stewardship. And everyone knows how converts are: enthusiastic, sometimes failing to understand why others don’t share their new-found treasure – whatever that treasure may be. They repeat themselves and perhaps even “go over the top.”

That’s the way I feel about stewardship. It is such a wonderful gift for renewal that touches the heart of Archdiocesan life. Putting God first in our lives by practicing stewardship deepens our faith in a way that we never dreamed possible.

Individuals and families who practice stewardship struggle as all of us do: to make a living, to juggle income with expenses and to respond to the increasing demands placed on our time and talent. But the commitment to be good stewards makes all the difference.

By cultivating a spirit of gratitude, instead of resentment, and by practicing generosity instead of measuring out exactly what is owed to them, good stewards experience a freedom from want and care that is truly liberating. By letting go of their dependence on the things of this world, they receive back a hundredfold from a provident and loving God.

Most Reverend J. Michael Miller


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